These Private Policy provisions supplement the “Terms and Conditions” for the use of PHARMATCHING.


1. Principles
PHARMATCHING complies with all pertinent statutory Privacy Policy provisions. Personal information is entered in the registration pages of PHARMATCHING on an expressly voluntary basis on the part of the User.

PHARMATCHING collects personal information sparingly only, protects the data according to statutory provisions and does not transmit it to third parties, except in the cases mentioned under Article 3.


2. Handling of Personal Data by PHARMATCHING
2.1 Registration Data

To grant usage of PHARMATCHING services, PHARMATCHING collects, saves and processes personal information as Registration Data. PHARMATCHING collects personal information as far as this is required in order to verify the User during the registration process, to establish the contractual relationship and its content, and to use PHARMATCHING’s services. PHARMATCHING verifies each registration for plausibility and reserves the right to refuse any registration, in particular where there is suspicion of a specious registration.

The following data is collected upon registration. All fields are compulsory except those marked with.

First name, Last name
Name of the company or institution of the User
Characterisation as Company, Freelancer or academic or public institution
User ́s position
Full postal address of the company or institution
User ́s business Email address
User ́s business telephone and fax* numbers
Company or university website address*
VAT Number of the company or institution*
Full postal invoicing address
Category of User ́s main core competence (only for Service Providers)
The Email address or own created name could be used as the User name. Other PHARMATCHING Users cannot view the User name and password. PHARMATCHING will under no circumstances transmit or reveal this information to third parties. PHARMATCHING itself does not know the password, which is submitted and saved encrypted.

22.2. Handling of the Usage Data

No User can view personal information from another User ́s Profile.Service requests are posted anonymously and hence do not allow any other User to determine the origin of the posted information. User can turn on/off their contact information and make them visible only for other approved and subscribed usersFor the party applying to service requests certain contact details are automatically transferred: first name, last name, title, company name, telephone number, Email address. The automatic transmission of these contact details is necessary to allow the business contact to be initiated.

Upon deletion of an Account by the User, all User Data is entirely deleted. Also all of the User ́s service requests are deleted immediately, even if they have not yet expired. For the maintenance of PHARMATCHING Services, the User ́s prior completed activities such as applications on service requests are not deleted; these are retained in the accounts or archives of the respective other Users.PHARMATCHING is entitled to keep a security copy of Personal Data for as long as this is required for billing or other contractual purposes regarding the User. PHARMATCHING may also save Personal Data in order to fulfil existing legal, statutory or contractual obligations.


3. Transmission of Personal Data to third parties
PHARMATCHING only transmits Personal Data to other companies (third parties) in the following cases:

Processing of payments made by credit card

The payment process for credit card payments of usage fees to PHARMATCHING is handled by an external company specialised in payment transactions. The data necessary for the payment process is transmitted to this company and the involved credit card companies.

Other Companies

As far as PHARMATCHING uses the contractually-bound services of outside companies to support its provision of services, e.g. in the areas of data storage, maintenance of client lists, contacting clients (by post or Email), database analysis, processing payments (credit cards – see above) and customer service, PHARMATCHING may transmit information to these outside companies or individuals, including Personal Data, to allow its further processing. These outside companies are carefully selected by PHARMATCHING, regularly checked and obliged to handle data according to these data protection provisions, in the interest of preserving data protection. The data supplied may not be used for any purposes not expressly approved by PHARMATCHING.

Protection of PHARMATCHING, other clients and other third parties

When required to investigate an abuse of the Pharmatching platform, or for criminal investigation, personal information may be released to the authorities or injured third parties. This however, only occurs when PHARMATCHING is complying with legal, court or official requirements, or has concrete evidence of illegal or abusive behaviour or activity. Data may furthermore be passed on when this serves the exercising of PHARMATCHING ́s legitimate interests, for example the assertion of our Terms and Conditions or other agreements.

Transfer of parts of the business

Within the scope of the further development of the PHARMATCHING business, it can occur that the structure of Pharmatching changes, in that the legal form is changed, subsidiary companies, or parts/elements of the company are incorporated, sold or purchased. In the case of such transactions, customer data will be transferred with the part of the business being transferred.


4. Cookies
PHARMATCHING Services, upon registration by a User with a User name and password, use cookies, with which the User may be identified during its visit (so-called session cookies). A cookie is saved on the User ́s computer for the duration of its visit of the PHARMATCHING Web Site and the cookie is automatically deleted as the User leaves the site.

Upon selecting the option “log me in automatically on this computer”, a cookie is permanently saved on the User ́s computer by the browser, to identify the User for future automatic login. The cookie then contains elements of the login details in encrypted form. Automatic login from more than one computer simultaneously is nevertheless not possible, for security reasons. As this cookie is saved in the User ́s browser, this function should only be used on computers which are not used by outside parties: otherwise there is a danger that a third party can access the Account illegitimately.


5. Log files
Each time a page is accessed, access data are saved in a protocol file – the Server Log. PHARMATCHING records the User ́s IP Address, the date and time of the access, the page accessed as well as the operating system and browser used.

PHARMATCHING aims thus to protect the security of its Users, so that unauthorized access to an account that might occur through the careless use of the “log me in automatically on this computer“ can be better identified after the event.

Furthermore, for statistical purposes, anonymous access data are recorded that describe the browser settings (browser version, javascript activation, flash installation) and the operating system.Through the statistical analysis of the data collected, PHARMATCHING is able to continually improve its services and cater to the usage needs of its Users. Statistical data and evaluations are exclusively kept on secure PHARMATCHING servers and are not made available to any third parties.


6. Availability of the Privacy Policy Provisions
You can access and print these Privacy Policy provisions from any page of a PHARMATCHING website under the link “Privacy Policy“.